When to do an accessibility assessment on your website?

A website accessibility audit is a process of assessing a digital property for accessibility concerns to determine how well it satisfies the needs of persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities use the internet in different ways than people without disabilities. People with disabilities will frequently have a challenging and useless online experience if a website does not adhere to web accessibility audits standards.

When is it appropriate to do a website accessibility audit?

Now that you know what a web accessibility audits is, how to do it, and what tools to use, it’s time to figure out when you should do it. Embedding accessibility testing into your testing process as early as feasible and at each step of your development process is a recommended practice whether you’re constructing a website or getting ready to launch your organization’s new digital app. You can discover any accessibility concerns that may occur at each level of the software development life cycle (SDLC) process by adding accessibility early in the process.

While there are several advantages to designing digital goods with accessibility in mind from the start, one of the most important is working with your team to construct an accessibility plan that allows everyone to collaborate to achieve your intended accessibility compliance goals. In the long term, this team alignment will save your development team time and money.

Test for accessibility after your website or app has developed by your developers and designers is another option. After your accessibility audit gets completed, your team will examine the report and return it to their code to make the necessary adjustments to meet your compliance objectives.

Conducting accessibility risk analyses of digital goods and assessing their degree of compliance is one of the most regular requests TPGi gets. To be worthwhile, conducting an accessibility audit necessitates a certain level of familiarity with the ideas and basics of digital accessibility. Contact TPGi immediately if you need assistance from an accessibility specialist or an external resource to conduct accessibility audit testing on your website or app.