Top Tips For Red Wine Drink Prices

Dry, red sweet, and semi-sweet wines that are priced in the middle range are ideal to be used in the making of mulled wine. In the United Kingdom, the consumption of red wine has increased, and it is the most consumed wine in the UK and Spain, Italy, Canada, and Switzerland. The directions say to put in the yeast packet simply; however, as you observe, the yeast sits on top of the bottle, so I gave the bottle a little shaking to mix things up. After another 48 hours, I measured the specific gravity, and this time, I got 1.02. This number is used to calculate alcohol by volume of 6 percent. It was now more like grape juice than a dry red wine. It reminded me of the communion wine I’ve always enjoyed in the church.

You can either save it for a Ruou vang later time or dispose of it. So I put the fermenter lock back on to give it some time. Then, you just need to insert the stopper into the airlock and then fill the airlock up with water and let the fermentation begin. The bubbles will escape from the fermentation lock. The water allows carbon dioxide to escape but does not allow outside air to enter. This can result in unintentional strains of bacteria. You can determine the alcohol percentage per volume by determining the exact gravity of your juice at the start and the end of fermentation.

So, after plugging into the numbers, I calculated I got .525 percent alcohol by volume. Avoid bringing the juice to a boiling point as this can cause the alcohol to evaporate. The juice should have at least 20g of sugar per cup. This is essential for yeast to produce alcohol. Like making grape soda or hard cider, the preservatives present in the juice will kill the yeast. The kit includes a fermentation lock and stopper to fit most juice bottles, six packets of yeast, and six labels to label your freshly-spiked juice bottles. You don’t want your children mixing their grape juice with the grownup version.