Top 3 SEO Strategies You Can Use Now For Your Business

SEO is something that changes on a daily basis. With dozens of new ways to tackle the infamous algorithm, many are the professionals who try to break down what will be the next big trend in search. Given the predominancy of such marketing strategy in today’s business world, let’s analyse the absolute 3 best strategies you can use to scale your business. 

Content Writing Tips 

“When writing any content for your website, blog, landing pages, and email marketing, think about what you’d type into Google when searching for a solution that your company offers. When writing content for your website, write natural copy and don’t force keywords. Google will understand what your site is about but they want to know that you’re offering helpful content for the potential searcher and that that content matches their stage in their search journey.”

These were John Mueller’s words when it came to answering the infamous question “how should I write content for SEO in 2020?” 

Although relatively self-explanatory, it’s essential to keep in mind that search intent is still the most valuable strategy to keep in mind in 2020. 

Go Mobile 

A team of app developers has stated that “If people are looking to buy your products, you want to be sure that the right search terms lead them to your site.

In addition, 40% of people prefer to use mobile devices to complete the whole shopping process, from researching the product to buying it.

Overall, looking after mobile search optimization will help you reach your customers where they are and create a better user experience for all your visitors.”

It’s quintessential, in fact, to have everything set up perfectly for mobile since it capped by 20% the mole of desktop traffic in 2020.

Embrace Technology 

Crawl budget is simply the frequency with which search engine’s crawlers (i.e., spiders and bots) go over the pages of your domain.

That frequency is conceptualized as a tentative balance between Googlebot’s attempts to not overcrowd your server and Google’s overall desire to crawl your domain.

Crawl budget optimization is just a series of steps that you can take specifically to up the rate at which search engines’ bots visit your pages.

The more often they visit, the quicker it gets into the index that the pages have been updated.

Consequently, your optimization efforts will take less time to take hold and start affecting your rankings. 

These are just simple tips, but will most definitely help you in creating a proper working strategy towards your Organic Traffic goals.