Fitness is the key: get the Best person for it

It is important to distinguish between actual diet counselors, who in professional contexts are referred to as dietitians, and then personal trainers who also guide in diet. A dietitian has a university degree for 3 years and is also authorized by the National Board of Health to work with both dietary guidance and sick people.

Therefore, there is also a big difference in quality. Higher education does not always equal the best quality, however, there is great coherence here. Back to diet guide. Most personal trainers therefore offer dietary guidance as part of their training. Now from Ido Fishman you can experience the best deal.

Here it is important to remember that serious dietary guidance takes time and requires some work. If an individual diet plan needs to be written, which must be adapted on an ongoing basis, there is some work behind it. Therefore, make sure to get exactly what this diet guide entails. Is it general advice on diet during exercise, or is there some extra guidance and maybe even a diet plan included?

Therefore, some trainers also sell diet plans as an additional product that is separate from the personal training.

This ensures that there is time to write a proper plan, which is thoroughly worked out and adapted to the individual customer’s needs and wishes.

Personal trainers and their training

We talked earlier about the importance of checking the personal trainer’s training. It will be elaborated here as it is one of the most important points when choosing the right coach.

The alpha omega here is actually first to ask yourself the question ‘what is my goal?’

This can create incredible clarity when you need to find the right coach for your needs.

For example, do you want to lose 10kg. Fat mass, find a trainer who specializes in weight loss. Go for the best ones in the area, then you are almost sure to get proper guidance.

More interested in bodyweight training and gymnastic exercises?

Then find a specialist in this field. The best specialists also know their own limitations. Therefore, you will also find that their education is very focused on exactly what they are good at. It all fits together and makes them extra sharp within just their particular field.