Bit Currency Market: The smart alternative to the Forex market

As per market analysis of Bit currencies by crypto trading review the Bit currency market is the Forex (currency exchange in its acronym in English) of Bit currencies. It allows exchanging different Bitcoins and altcoins for dollars or BTC. The exchange of Bit currencies is an alternative way to get involved in the Bit-World! And it does not require mining hardware or investments in Bitcoin hypes or Bitcoin cloud mining (which always entails certain risks). Visit to understand all the details.

Why exchange Bitcoins and not currencies?

You can start trading Bitcoins and earn money in less than an hour, just follow the steps of Bitcoin trading strategies. On the other hand, to trade in the forex market, you need an account – which takes several weeks waiting for the contracts and the access code. Then it takes a few days until the money is transferred from your bank account to your Forex Broker. It should also be noted that the Bit currency market is easy, just transfer the Bitcoins from the market to your portfolio and that’s it.

Margins in Bit-operations

Some Forex have functions of leverage and margin trading that also exist in the Bit currency market.

Margin Trading: peer-to-peer margin funding providers can be used. This means that you can borrow power of sale or purchase, and must allocate some funds (= margin) that cannot be accessed until the return of the loaned capital.

For example, you only have 429USD but you would like to buy 2BTC. You can do it, but you’ll have to pay an interest at the end. Example, in this case, if the BTC closes to 450 you would be earned 2 * 21 USD = 42 $. To this you have to subtract the interest (of 2%) and the result will be your earnings, which will be high if you can predict the course of the exchange correctly. Although you may end up losing even more if you find yourself in a bad position. But still it is a popular method of trading Bitcoins for beginners.

As a conclusion, it is important to be sure about where to invest – and do not forget: never invest what you cannot lose.